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If a veteran is entitled to compensation (or would be entitled to compensation but for receipt of military pay) because of the anatomical loss or loss of use of one or both hands, or one or both feet, or because of defective vision in both eyes, with best vision in the better eye no better than 20/200, VA will pay an amount towards the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance plus any necessary special adaptive equipment to allow the veteran to safely and effectively operate the automobile or other conveyance.  This is a one-time payment only

The Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service at the VA Medical Center may also authorize special adaptive equipment for veterans who are service-connected for complete ankylosis of one or both hips or one or both knees, as well as adaptive equipment for subsequent vehicles for any veteran with any of the above disabilities.  The special adaptive equipment may be repaired, reinstalled, or replaced as necessary; however, a veteran may not be authorized adaptive equipment for more than two vehicles at a time or during any four-year period, except for unusual circumstances beyond the veteran’s control.