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A veteran who passes away from a nonservice-connected disability may be entitled to a burial allowance with an additional plot or interment allowance.

An additional separate amount is available for transportation to a National Cemetery or from the place of death to the place of burial if the veteran dies at a VA Medical Center, hospitalized at a non-VAMC under DVA authorization, while traveling under DVA authorization.  If in an approved state nursing home, and no other entitlement, burial allowance is payable. The deadline for submitting the claim is two years after the date of final permanent burial or interment.

Meeting any one of the following requirements will qualify the deceased veteran for the nonservice-connected burial and plot allowances.

  • The veteran was in receipt of compensation or pension, or was entitled to either benefit but for waiver of military retired pay.
  • The veteran, at the time of his or her death, had a claim pending for compensation or pension that would have entitled him or her to payment.
  • The veteran served during a period of war and the body is unclaimed.
  • The veteran died while hospitalized at a VA Medical Center or while receiving care at a non-VA medical facility under contract.
  • The veteran died while traveling under DVA authorization and expense to or from a specified place for examination, treatment or care.
  • After October 6, 1996, the veteran died while a patient at an approved state nursing home.