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The VA will provide health care insurance coverage for the dependents or survivors of certain totally disabled (whether rated 100% or by reason of individual unemployability) veterans under the Civilian Health and Medical Program, VA (CHAMPVA). For eligibility under this program, the veteran-sponsor must:

  • Be rate permanently totally disabled from service-connected disability;
  • Have died on active duty, in the line of duty;
  • Have died from a service-connected disability; or
  • Have been rated service-connected and permanently totally disabled at the time of death from any cause not willful misconduct.

Eligible persons include the veteran’s spouse or surviving spouse, minor children under age 18, children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending an approved school, and children over age 18 who have been determined to be permanently incapable of self-support (“helpless”). Dependents of retired or other military personnel who are eligible for health care coverage under TIRCARE (formerly called CHAMPUS) are not eligible for coverage under CHAMPVA. With the implementation of the CHAMPVA for Life program, begun October 2001, persons who turn age 65 do not loose eligibility to the CHAMPVA program as long as they continue to carry the Medicare Part B coverage. Claimant’s who have insurance coverage other than Medicare Part A & B, will have to complete the required form to inform CHAMPVA. At that time CHAMPVA will pay as tertiary provider. CHAMPVA will cover most health care services and supplies that are considered medically or psychologically necessary. In general, a covered person under CHAMPVA may seek treatment from any licensed health care provider at any licensed medical facility.